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John Mealy

Sr. Product Manager, TouchNet

John McElroy

Sr. Manager Product Strategy, TouchNet




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TouchNet Refund Solutions Simplified

With so many colleges and universities finishing the academic year online, administrators are faced with the daunting task of refunding students' tuition, room and board, meal plans, and more.

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This on-demand webinar explores TouchNet’s refund options available through Payment Center and Bill+Payment.

Our experts John Mealy, senior product manager, and John McElroy, senior manager, product strategy, discuss the various disbursement options available to your students and parents, as well as give a sneak preview of our new Digital Check and Instant Pay options coming this summer in Feature Pack 9.

Watch now to learn about:

  • New refund batch process, including new refund reports
  • New disbursement methods coming soon
  • Options for credit card refunds
  • Additional benefits of TouchNet’s eRefunds solution




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