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Ryan Audus

Director of Product Strategy, TouchNet

Michael Wilson

Director of Sales, TouchNet


Payment Plan Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Among today's incoming freshmen, 89 percent aren't willing to go into debt for college. How can you help your students stay in school, avoid debt, and graduate?

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Join us in this webinar to gain actionable insights on how TouchNet Payment Plans with managed PLUS services provides your business office transparent record keeping, automatically calculated payments, and complete visibility and oversight. 

In this webinar, Ryan Audus, Director of Product Strategy and Michael Wilson, Director of Sales, will take a deep dive into the latest data on how students and families pay for college. They will also explore options for tuition payment plans that adapt to both student and business office needs. 

Topics include:

  • How campuses are using payment plans to increase student success rates
  • Using payment plans in conjunction with loans, grants and real-time payments
  • Types of solutions available today, and which ones best meet students’ needs
  • Choosing a program that balances student flexibility with administrative visibility and oversight


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