[eBook] PCI Explained:
Guide for Simplifying PCI Compliance

With PCI standards changing once again, understanding the complex rules and how to attest your compliance can be difficult. We've created this guide to dive into the credit card payment ecosystem on campus so colleges and universities have the insight needed to ensure a strong PCI compliance program. You'll find:

  • Definitions of PCI standards and payment processing terms
  • Details on the impact of data breaches in higher ed
  • Tips to help you with the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Key essentials for PCI compliance and more
  • Practical steps to a strong PCI foundation

Our PCI explained book covers everything you need to know about PCI compliance on your campus.

TouchNet and PCI

TouchNet is the higher education industry leader in the security and compliance of payments in accordance with PCI standards and federal, state, and industry regulations. We are on the forefront of developing software that safely processes transactions while streamlining and integrating the systems that manage payments on campus.

TouchNet products are PCI compliant and built to stay compliant as PCI standards evolve. Our solutions offer a sensible approach to securing transactions, protecting sensitive data, and simplifying the complexities of compliance. They reduce PCI scope, compliance overhead, and regulatory paperwork; and create the peace of mind that comes from having a secure, end-to-end compliance solution in place.

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