Student Financial Experience Report 2021

The Student Financial Experience Report 2021 is the second annual student survey sponsored by TouchNet and offers at-a-glance insights into student preferences for a variety of digital payment solutions.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of students’ digital preferences as they pertain to payment technologies, including some contactless solutions introduced since the pandemic began. Compiled from student responses across a broad spectrum of institution sizes and types, the Student Financial Experience Report 2021 offers important insights that institutions will find useful as they strive to meet students’ needs today and in years to come.

  • 98 percent of students feel their institution's use of technology is the same or better than last year.
  • 85 percent of students interact with their college or university's app two to three times per week.
  • Device usage of three hours or more increased 20 percent over last year's survey, with computers leading the category at 82 percent and smartphones second at 70 percent.

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