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Katy Ingram

Sr. Product Manager, TouchNet


How Mobile IDs will Transform the Student Experience

Wednesday, April 7 1:00 PM CDT

Are you ready to bring the latest, most advanced student credential technology to your campus? Do you want to understand how colleges and universities can use mobile IDs to streamline recruitment and improve the student experience?

In this session we will explore the shift to contactless, mobile first solutions, happening on campus today. Find out how moving your student IDs to a digital wallet will extend your reach and improve student engagement by meeting them where they already spend most of their time - on their phone. Join us to learn about the benefits of moving your plastic IDs to digital and a new world of possibilities.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the Student ID program features and benefits
  • Explore how the TouchNet OneCard Mobile ID integrates seamlessly into digital wallets
  • Discover the business advantages of adding a fully integrated mobile ID






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