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Chris Setcos

Director, Business Development at TouchNet

Derrick Shy

Vice President, Campus Development at GradGuard


Partnering to Protect: Boost Student Peace of Mind With GradGuard Tuition Protection

With 52 percent of students worried that becoming ill could cause them to withdraw from class, tuition protection is a timely topic on students' and parents' minds. Learn how GradGuard gives students peace of mind and reduces staff's administrative hassles.

Thursday, May 21 1:00 PM CDT

Even before this spring’s campus closures, the American College Health Association reported $1.2 billion in student tuition investment was at risk. Now that students and their parents realize internal as well as external factors can affect college attendance, the need for tuition protection has never been clearer.

Join us to discuss our new GradGuard partnership, the growing awareness of the need for tuition protection resources, and the advantages for students and schools available through the GradGuard Tuition Protection Program.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand heightened interest in tuition protection
  • Discuss the connection between students' peace of mind and school transparency
  • Discover advantages of GradGuard automated availability through Consent Manager
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